Firefox 105 Beta Brings Memory Fixes, Two-Finger Swipe Back/Forward Gesture on Linux

Firefox 105 Beta

With Firefox 104 out the door, it’s time for Mozilla to promote the upcoming Firefox 105 release to the beta channel for public testing, early adopters, and bleeding edgers.

Yes, that’s right, Firefox 105 is now ready for public beta testing, and guess what? It brings back the long-anticipated two-finger swipe horizontal gesture on Linux for navigating back and forward on a website without having to hold down the Alt key.

While this feature has been delayed over and over, and we really hoped that it would land in Firefox 104, it does appear to finally be ready for the masses with the next Firefox release, Firefox 105. It looks like the feature is working very well and there are no blocker bugs this time, so fingers crossed.

Two-finger swipe back/forward gesture

Also for Linux users, Firefox 105 promises to fix some memory issues that were apparently present in previous releases of the open-source web browser and most noticeable on low-memory systems. “Firefox is less likely to run out of memory on Linux and also performs better towards the rest of the system when memory is running low,” said Mozilla.

Other than that, Firefox 105 will come with a new option in the Print Preview dialog to let you print only the current page. Web developers will get support for defining persistent scripts using scripting.

As you can see, Firefox 105 doesn’t look like a major release. In fact, it brings quite a few changes, but let’s hope that these will make more Linux users happy when using the popular web browser from Mozilla.

The final Firefox 105 release is scheduled for September 20th, 2022. Until then, you can jump into the public beta testing wagon to test drive the new Linux changes by downloading the binary for 64-bit systems from the official website or for 32-bit systems from Mozilla’s FTP server.

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