Firefox 115 Will Let You Open Links or Search with Middle-Click on New Tab Button

This feature will be available on Linux and it's enabled by default, but users have the choice to disable it.
Firefox 115

The upcoming Firefox 115 web browser will come with an interesting change for Linux users who want to be more productive while surfing the Internet for their daily tasks.

This new feature will enable middle-click paste of your clipboard’s contents, whether it’s an URL or plain text, on the New Tab button. So middle-clicking on the New Tab button will open whatever is in your clipboard, no matter from where the content (URL or text) was copied (that means it can be from any of your apps).

As you can imagine, this will save you some time as you won’t have to first open a new tab and then paste the URL or text you copied on your clipboard. The copied text will be opened with your default search provider, as expected.

Right now, on the current Firefox release, middle-click on the New Tab button opens a new tab, just like it does when you left-click on it. As such, this will be a welcome feature, and highly anticipated by many Linux users (including myself) since it was already available on Chrome/Chromium and probably other popular web browsers.

This feature was submitted as a bug no less than six years ago, and it will finally be implemented in the upcoming Firefox 115 release, which is currently in development in the Nightly (alpha state) channel for the most adventurous of you.

It will be enabled by default in Firefox 115, but those of you who don’t like it can turn it off by setting the browser.tabs.searchclipboardfor.middleclick option in about:config from true to false.

Firefox 115 will hit the beta channel in a “more stable” form on June 5th, 2023, a day before the next major release, Firefox 114, will be officially released by Mozilla with its revamped DNS over HTTPS feature, Cookie Banner Reduction feature, and other changes.

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