Firefox 73.0.1 Fixes Linux Crashes When Playing Encrypted Content

Firefox 73.0.1

Mozilla released today Firefox 73.0.1, the first minor bugfix and security update to the latest Firefox 73 series of their open-source and cross-platform web browser used by millions computer users.

Firefox 73.0.1 arrives a week after the launch of Firefox 73.0 to address a few issues reported by users. These include fixes for a bug that made Firefox to crash on some Linux users when playing encrypted content and an issue which forced Firefox to close unexpectedly when the user exits the Print Preview mode.

Some users also reported intermittent blank page issues when attempting to log in to the RBC Royal Bank website, so this is now fixed as well in the Firefox 73.0.1 release. Also addressed are a couple of issues reported by users on Windows systems, which shouldn’t affect Linux users.

Firefox 73.0.1 is available for download right now from Mozilla, but I recommend installing it from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution when it arrives, which should happen later today or in the coming days. So keep an eye on that package manager if you experienced any of the issued mentioned above.

Firefox 73 introduced a bunch of interesting new features and enhancements to make your browsing experience better and more enjoyable. Among these, there’s the new default zoom levels applicable to all web content, NextDNS as alternative DNS over HTTPS resolver, improved audio quality, and updated high-contrast mode.

If you haven’t updated to Mozilla Firefox 73 yet, I suggest you install the Firefox 73.0.1 release as soon as possible.

Last updated 4 years ago

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