Firefox 86.0.1 Released to Fix Frequent Linux Crash on Browser Launch, Other Bugs

Firefox 86.0.1

Mozilla released today Firefox 86.0.1 as the first minor point release to its latest Firefox 86 open-source and cross-platform web browser to address various bugs that might affect all supported platforms.

Released two weeks ago, Firefox 86 introduced multiple Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support by default so you can watch more than one video simultaneously in detachable windows, and new security features to protect users from a so-called “Stack Clash” privilege escalation attacks and against unwanted tracking.

Now, Firefox 86.0.1 is here as a bugfix update that fixes a frequent crash on Linux systems that occurred during browser launch, an issue causing windows to unexpectedly gain or lose focus, as well as an issue causing unexpected behavior with extensions managing tab groups.

In addition, Firefox 86.0.1 addresses a bug with the truncation of date and time widgets due to incorrect width calculation and fixes an issue that caused the web browser to be unresponsive after system sleep on Apple Silicon machines.

More details on these fixes are available on the release notes page. You can download Firefox 86.0.1 right now from the official website, but I always recommend installing or updating it from the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution.

Meanwhile, Mozilla works on the next major Firefox release, Firefox 87, which promises to disable the Backspace key from working as a “Back” button on Windows and macOS platforms, and improve the “Find in page” functionality.

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