First Arch Linux ISO Powered by Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS Is Now Available for Download

Arch Linux 5.15

The Arch Linux community released today a new Arch Linux ISO image, for December 2021, the first to be powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.15 LTS kernel series.

Arch Linux 2021.12.01 is now available for download and it comes with Linux kernel 5.15 LTS by default. The ISO image includes Linux kernel 5.15.5, but it looks like Linux kernel 5.15.6 was also released today so expect it in the stable archives by the end of the week.

Apart from being an LTS (Long Term Support) series, which means that it will be supported for at least a couple of years, Linux kernel 5.15 introduces a brand-new and fully functional NTFS filesystem implementation so you can finally manage your NTFS formatted drives the way you want.

It also brings many new and updated drivers to provide us with top-notch hardware support, realtime preemption locking , an in-kernel SMB3 server, new Btrfs and XFS features, and many other goodies.

This makes the Arch Linux 2021.12.01 ISO release perfect for new installations where the previous ISOs failed to detect your computer’s components.

In addition to the new kernel, the new Arch Linux ISO release incorporates all the updated packages and security patches that have been released through the distribution’s repositories during the month of November 2021.

Those of you who are already using Arch Linux on your personal computers don’t need to download the new ISO image, which is here only for new deployments of the lightweight, flexible and rolling-release GNU/Linux distribution.

Without any further ado, you can download Arch Linux 2021.12.01 right now from the official website or by clicking the direct download link below. Existing Arch Linux users should keep their installations up to date at all times by running the sudo pacman -Syu command in a terminal emulator as often as possible.

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