Flatpak 1.6.2 Arrives to Fix Major Install Performance Issue


Flatpak maintainer Alexander Larsson released today Flatpak 1.6.2, the second maintenance update to the Flatpak 1.6 stable series that addresses some performance issues and other bugs.

The main change in Flatpak 1.6.2 is a fix for a major regression affecting the download speeds during the installation of Flatpak apps from Fluthub. Therefore, the devs recommend everyone to update to this version for a better and faster Flatpak app installation experience.

“Due to a combination of some behaviour in Flatpak and recent versions of OSTree we at some point lost the use of deltas for the initial install case, instead always falling back to a full OSTree operation which is a lot less efficient for pulls with many small files like a runtime,” explained Alexander Larsson.

Also added in this release is the ability to correctly handle TMPDIR env var overrides when bwrap is setuid, better compatibility with older Glib versions, minor documentation updates and updated translations.

Flatpak 1.6.2 no longer allows the execution of the “flatpak run” command under sudo (system administrator) as it does not work and may cause issues.

You can download Flatpak 1.6.2 right now from GitHub if you want to compile it yourself. If not, I recommend installing this version from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

If you’re an avid Flatpak user and have many apps installed, I highly recommend using the Flatseal application to view and manage the permission of your Flatpak apps.

Last updated 4 years ago

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