Flatpak Permissions Manager App Flatseal 1.8 Adds More Useful Options and Improvements

Flatseal 1.8

Flatseal creator Martín Abente Lahaye announced today the release of Flatseal 1.8 as the latest stable release of this open-source application that lets you manage permissions of Flatpak apps on your GNU/Linux distribution.

Flatseal 1.8 is here to introduce the ability for users to review and modify global overrides. Flatseal is now aware of these global overrides, takes into account all sources of permissions changes and displays them to the user when you look at an application’s permissions. In addition, Flatseal now highlights every permission changed by the user or globally.

“When people look at an application’s permissions, these global overrides need to be accounted for and displayed. With this release, all sources of permissions changes are taken into account. Now, what you see is exactly what the application can or can’t do,” explains developer Martín Abente Lahaye in a blog post.

Other noteworthy changes included in Flatseal 1.8 are the ability to handle the creation of the “overrides” directory for those who want to install Flatseal through their distro’s repositories rather than as a Flatpak app, support for the new system-level color schemes in the GNOME desktop, as well as streamlined shortcuts and documentation windows using a modal approach.

Flatseal 1.8 also removes the modes used for removing file system permissions as they caused Flatpak to warn people about the mode being included as part of the override, adds support for Bulgarian, Chinese (China), and Danish languages, and fixes other small issues.

If you want to manage (grant or remove) permissions for Flatpak apps, you can download Flatseal 1.8 right now from Flathub as a Flatpak app. Upcoming releases of Flatseal will finally introduce a GTK4 and libadwaita port, revised backend models to remove some more limitations of the app, as well as a more polished global overrides UI.

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