Fwupd 1.6.2 Adds a Plugin to Check Lenovo Firmware Settings, Support for New Hardware

Fwupd 1.5.6

Richard Hughes announced today the release of fwupd 1.6.2, a new major update to this open-source system daemon that lets session software to update firmware on your Linux computer.

Fwupd 1.6.2 is a massive update and introduces a new plugin for checking Lenovo firmware settings, support for installing UEFI updates from GRUB, initial support for the powerd daemon, support for CapsuleOnDisk, as well as support for soft-requirements that can be ignored with the --force parameter.

In addition, this release adds the ability for devices to only accept version upgrades, allows the discovery of Redfish BMCs specified by MAC or VID-PID and introduces the ability to automatically connect the BMC network interface at startup, and allows fwupd to request interactive action from the end user.

Furthermore, fwupd now shows the user how to switch out of the Android-mode on a Wacom tablet and displays the build timestamp if it’s set on the device.

The new release also comes with support for new hardware, including ModemManager devices supporting Firehose or MBIM QDU, PixArt receiver and wireless hardware, Realtek MST with RTD2142, USB4 Dell dock, SuperIO IT5570, Parade LSPCON, as well as more Poly DFU devices and more models of RTS54HUB.

As with all new fwupd releases, version 1.6.2 is here to address numerous bugs for a more stable and reliable firmware upgrade experience. Highlights include the disablement of all UX capsules for Lenovo hardware, better parsing of Redfish USB/PCI network VID/PIDs, a fix for version numbers on legacy Wacom Bluetooth modules, the ability to ignore virtual M.2 ATA devices, and a workaround for a XCC-ism on Lenovo hardware.

Check out the full changelog for more details on these bug fixes, and remember to update fwupd on your GNU/Linux distribution to version 1.6.2 when it pops up on the stable repositories. Linux OS maintainers and those who fancy compiling fwupd themselves can download the source tarball right now from GitHub.

Last updated 3 years ago

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