Fwupd 1.7.1 Released with Support for Dell Atomic Dock, Steelseries Stratus Controller

Fwupd 1.7.1

Richard Hughes, the original creator and current maintainer of the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) service, announced today the release of fwupd 1.7.1 as the first point release to the latest stable fwupd 1.7 series of this open-source system daemon for updating firmware on Linux systems.

Fwupd 1.7.1 is packed with several new features, including the ability to allow you to specify the fwupdmgr device-test foo --json command for unattended testing, support for inhibiting the ModemManager device in mbim-qdu, support for loading remotes from /var/lib/fwupd/remotes.d, as well as the ability to use a file name when using set-approved-firmware.

The new release also adds the ability to display changes in HSI attributes when using the fwupdmgr security command, the ability to share the Common Flash Memory Interface quirks between plugins, the ability to display translated firmware release notes when provided, and the ability to display user warnings if updating affects full-disk encryption.

On top of all those nifty new features, fwupd 1.7.1 introduces support for new hardware. These include the Dell Atomic Dock, HP Thunderbolt Dock G4, Steelseries Stratus controller, 3rd-generation Wacom Intuos BT creative pen tablet, and more PixArt devices.

Since this is a maintenance update to the fwupd 1.7 stable series, it also fixes a bunch of bugs, including a crash that could occur when dumping Parade devices, CSME CVE detection for new generations, the ability to set device time and timezone for Logitech bulk controller devices, and many others that you can study in the GitHub release notes.

You can download fwupd 1.7.1 right now from the project’s GitHub page, but it should soon arrive in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, so make sure that you update your installations as soon as possible to enjoy a more featureful and more reliable firmware update experience.

Image credits: fwupd project (edited by Marius Nestor)

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