Fwupd 1.8.11 Linux Firmware Updater Adds Support for New Devices, New Features

This release also fixes multiple bugs and crashes, and introduces various improvements for a better firmware update experience.
Fwupd 1.8.11

Fwupd 1.8.11 open-source Linux firmware updating utility is out now with support for new devices, new features, and improvements.

Coming a month after fwupd 1.8.10, the fwupd 1.8.11 release is here to add support for the CalDigit Element Hub and CalDigit TS4 Dock devices, prefer the Intel USB4 plugin over the Thunderbolt plugin when required, allow desktop software to inhibit the system to prevent updates, and add support for replaying USB devices so they can be emulated in CI.

Fwupd 1.8.11 also introduces support for installing battery firmware updates even when the power is too low, support for using requirements with depth=0 and no parent, automatically sets the CCGX remove-delay to parse DMC subcomponents, implements a new mechanism to detect and warn users with broken NVMe 3B2QGXA7 firmware, and the ability to print errors as JSON objects when using the fwupdmgr --json command.

Other noteworthy changes include the ability to only accept application/x-xz compression for the metadata payload, support for correctly falling back to the compatible vendor when the FDT vendor is missing, the ability to detect CCGX factory mode and set a non-zero version, and the ability to detect fixed Insyde firmware that can actually use the Capsule-on-Disk feature.

Several bugs were addressed in this release to fix a small memory leak when installing TPS6598x firmware, make the fwupdtool firmware-convert command work with image-less formats, a regression when downloading files with the fwupdtool command, compiling with the -Dbuild=library argument for Flathub, as well as a critical warning that occurred when parsing an empty kernel comman-line.

Fwupd now requires at least twice the capsule size in the ESP when updating, correctly saves all the device flags in the pending database, indicates HSI attributes that will only be returned for specific CPU vendors, sets the device percentage and status for the duration of the update, use strict Snap confinement, and supports the use of an updated shim if provided during for capsule update.

For more details and extra reading, check out the release notes on the project’s GitHub page, from where you can also download the fwupd 1.8.11 source tarball if you fancy compiling it on your GNU/Linux distribution.

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