Fwupd 1.8.7 Adds Support for More Star Labs Linux Laptops, Intel Discrete GPUs

Fwupd 1.8.7

Linux firmware updating utility fwupd 1.8.7 has been released today for your GNU/Linux distribution adding support for new devices, as well as various improvements and the usual bug fixes.

As with all new fwupd releases, version 1.8.7 is here to add support for more hardware, including more Linux laptops from Star Labs (probably the upcoming StarFighter laptop), fingerprint lenfy devices, ELAN haptic hardware, Goodix GF3258WNC, Anker Thunderbolt 4 Mini Hub, QSI Godzilla Creek Reference Hub, as well as experimental support for Intel discrete GPUs.

Some new features are present as well in this release, such as support for xz-compressed metadata, which should reduce the bandwidth used to download firmware files by approximately 25 percent, a new HSI check for the leaked Lenovo ‘Key Manifest’ hashes, as well as the ability to measure system integrity when installing UEFI updates and record more host DMI data when submitting a report for DBX failures.

On top of that, fwupd 1.8.7 adds documentation for three existing HSI attributes, adds support for loading CoSWID when only one role is set, adds re-insert requirement for Analogix devices, adds the ability to parse metadata that’s more than 1MB in size, and ensures that the permission of the configuration file is correctly set for built-in plugins.

Among some of the bugs fixed in this release, there’s a regression that occurred when using the fwuptool install-blob command with FMAP firmware and a compilation failure when compiling fwupd without efiboot.

Fwupd 1.8.7 also introduces support for counting only the Microsoft hashes when getting the DBX version and only using the IFD when the system is Intel-based, and removes the support for following symlinks when searching for ESP devices.

For more details about the changes included in fwupd 1.8.7, check out the release notes on the project’s GitHub page, from where you can also download the source tarball if you fancy compiling this version yourself.

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