Fwupd 1.8.9 Adds SHA384 Support for TPM Hashes, New Devices, and More

This release supports more Solidigm NVMe, Synaptics Cape, and Synaptics Prometheus devices.
Fwupd 1.8.9

Fwupd 1.8.9 Linux system daemon that allows session software to update firmware on GNU/Linux machines has been released today as the latest stable version bringing new features, support for new devices, and lots of improvements.

Coming almost a month after fwupd 1.8.8, which brought BIOS rollback protection support for Dell and Lenovo systems, the fwupd 1.8.9 release is here to add SHA384 support for TPM hashes, an interactive request when re-inserting the USB cable, as well as new X-FingerprintReader, X-GraphicsTablet, X-Dock, and X-UsbDock categories.

This release also adds support for new devices, including more Solidigm NVMe devices, more Synaptics Cape devices, more Synaptics Prometheus devices, several new Wistron USB-C docks, most Texas Instruments USB-4 docks, as well as scaler support for Wacom USB devices.

On top of that, Fwupd 1.8.9 allows specifying OR parent requirements in metadata and fixes several bugs to allow getting the ESP on block devices without a file system, allow reinstallation on devices with only-version-upgrade set, no longer require the TPM event log to have all reconstructions, return a more useful error when USB recovery fails, and speed up daemon startup using prepared XPath queries.

With this release, fwupd no longer allows the use of SHA-1 for checksum validation and adds the fwupd version to the HSI result whenever the chassis is invalid. A small memory leak that occurred when parsing signed reports was fixed as well in this release, which also adds the ability to skip the fwupdx64.efi BootXXXX entry when measuring system integrity and prompts you to enable ThunderboltAccess for Lenovo systems.

For extra reading on the changes implemented in the fwupd 1.8.9 release, check out the GitHub release notes page, from where you can also download the source tarball if you want to compile this version on your GNU/Linux distribution (otherwise you’ll have to wait for fwupd 1.8.9 to land in the stable software repositories to update your installations).

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