Garuda Linux Kicks Off 2022 with New Cinnamon Edition, Btrfs Assistant Tool

Garuda Linux 2022

Arch Linux-based Garuda Linux has a new ISO release to kick off 2022 with some cool new tools, a new community edition, and the usual performance improvements.

Garuda Linux still tries to bring Arch Linux to the masses, and the Garuda Linux 220101 release, dubbed “White-tailed Eagle”, is here to introduce a new community edition featuring the beloved and lightweight Cinnamon desktop environment maintained by the Linux Mint developers.

Garuda Linux offered a Cinnamon edition some time ago, but it would appear that it was dropped due to the lack of a maintainer. Well, the good news is that the Cinnamon edition is back with a new maintainer, it uses the Cinnamon 5.0 desktop environment and provides users with a slick experience and a bunch of customization options.

Another cool thing about the new Garuda Linux release is that it introduces a new tool called Btrfs Assistant. This was split from the Garuda Assistant utility into a new graphical application that lets you more easily control your Btrfs filesystems.

The Btrfs Assistant tool has a few new features under the hood, such as support for restoring snapshots with nested subvolumes under them, as well as the ability to restore snapshots even if their subvolumes are mounted. See it in action below running on the new Cinnamon edition!

The Garuda Linux 220101 release also comes with an updated Garuda System Maintenance utility that’s now capable of informing users about partial upgrades of their installations, as well as of out-of-date systems if they haven’t applied updates for more than two weeks. Of course, these notifications are optional and can be turned off.

“We observed that especially people who are new to Arch [Linux] are either not updating the system often or causing partial upgrade situations which then cause applications to not work. The addition of those notifications should provide some needed help,” said the Garuda Linux team.

Another new community edition sees the light of day with this new Garuda Linux release, dubbed KDE-git edition, which provides a barebones ISO for those who want to follow KDE Plasma desktop environment’s development more closely. As its name suggests, it uses a lot of daily built KDE Plasma -git packages from Chaotic-AUR, so it’s targeted towards experienced users.

Last but not least, Garuda Linux’s first release of 2022 drops the performance-tweaks tool from the default installation to offer a more “neutral” stock configuration in an attempt to attract more users to Garuda Linux. The performance-tweaks tool will be prompted for installation by the Setup Assistant utility when classic tower PCs are detected. On the other hand, the dr460nized (KDE Plasma) and GNOME editions will shipping with power-profiles-daemon to control power profiles for your devices.

Of course, the latest updates are included in the Garuda Linux 220101 release, which is available for download right now from the official website as KDE Dr460nized, KDE Dr460nized Gaming, KDE Dr460nized BlackArch, GNOME, Xfce, LXQT-Kwin, Cinnamon, MATE, Wayfire, Sway, Qtile, i3, and BSPWM editions.

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