GCompris 2.0 Educational Software for Kids Brings New and Improved Activities

GCompris 2.0

GCompris 2.0 open-source educational software suite providing entertainment tools for children aged 2 to 10 is now available for download with new and improved activities.

GCompris is one of the oldest and most popular open-source educational software suites for GNU/Linux distributions, and the new release, GCompris 2.0, is here to provide even more hours of fun and entertainment for your children.

Highlights of GCompris 2.0 include several new activities, such as Baby Mouse for helping children interact with a computer for the first time, Oware as traditional African strategy game, Positions to help children learn the terms that describe an object’s relative position, and Ordering Sentences for helping children practice reading and grammar by sorting out parts of a sentence.

Other new activities include Path Encoding and Path Decoding for allowing children follow a defined path in a grid and to create the path corresponding to a defined set of directions, respectively. These can be absolute or relative.

Furthermore, the Ordering Numbers and Ordering Letters activities promise to help children practice ordering of numbers and letters in ascending or descending order, and the Learn Decimal Numbers and Learn Quantities activities will help children learning the concept of decimal numbers, as well as of how many items are needed to represent a quantity. Learn decimal additions and subtractions are also available for practicing these operations.

In addition to the new activities, GCompris 2.0 improves existing activities with new features. For example, the Analog Electricity activity now has a new set of tutorial levels, the Programming Maze activity received a new dataset of loops operations, the Magic Hat activities now offer new datasets for younger children, and the Solar System activity now uses Earth days and years as units for all supported planets.

Last but not least, the Geography activities has been updated with new maps for each part of Asia (East, Southeast, South, Central and Western) and revamped maps using better projections, the Hano茂, Missing Letter, Money, Photo Hunter, Simple Paint, and Tangram activities received new images and visual improvements, and there’s a new Inkscape extension for creating SVG maps and puzzles.

Of course, numerous bugs were squashed to make the educational software more stable and reliable. For more details, you can check out the release announcement page, and you can download GCompris 2.0 right now from the official website.

Image credits: Timoth茅e Giet and others

Last updated 2 years ago

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