Gentoo-Based PBXware 6.1 Turnkey Telephony Platform Released with New Features

PBXware 6.1

Bicom Systems’ PBXware 6.1 Linux distribution and turnkey telephony platform based on Gentoo Linux has been released with new features and several improvements.

Based on Gentoo Linux, PBXware is a turnkey distribution that aims to provide small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, contact centers and ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) with flexible, reliable, and scalable communication systems and VoIP solutions based on Open Source technologies and software.

PBXware 6.1 is a major update that introduces several new features, such as Directory Sync Management (DSM), which enable validation of users via an LDAP server. This also makes it faster for users to sync Extensions, as well as to allow them to select custom settings for Extensions and apply different changes.

PBXware 6.1
Directory Sync Management

This release also introduces the ability to set up an external address for SIP/RTP/ICE in the Asterisk PBX software, which enables automatic support for recognizing local and external IP addresses even when behind NAT.

The Meeting component saw some important improvements in the PBXware 6.1 release, which brought support for public meetings and a new join link to meeting details. An issue that wouldn’t allow the client app to enter the “waiting for organizer to start themeeting” state when joined by number was also fixed.

Furthermore, PBXware 6.1 increases the limit for number of extensions to dial from 9 to 30 in the Ring Group, exposes the “Keep Alive” and “TLS handshake timeout” options in the PJSIP open-source SIP protocol stack, and improves support for tenant DID calls, which are now visible on the Dashboard and Monitor pages.

Lastly, this release addresses an issue that would make the VPS (Virtual Private Server) to fail to connect to Clickhouse. You can download PBXware 6.1 right now from the official website or via the direct download link below.

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