Getting Things GNOME 0.6 Personal Productivity App Released with New CalDAV Sync Backend

Getting Things GNOME 0.6

Getting Things GNOME 0.6 open-source personal tasks and TODO-list items organizer software for the GNOME desktop has been officially released today a major update that introduces new features and numerous improvements.

Coming about 11 months after Getting Things GNOME 0.5, the Getting Things GNOME 0.6 release is here to introduce a new synchronization backend that supports CalDAV server synchronization across your multiple computers, a new plugin to add game-like elements to the app, as well as a revamped tag editor.

There are also the usual improvements to make Getting Things GNOME more stable and reliable when adding parent or child tasks, when marking recurrent tasks as done, as well as when deleting multiple tasks at once, especially when you have a huge list of opened tasks.

The “Do it tomorrow” button has been improved as well in version 0.6 of GTG to make it adaptive, which means that its label will change automatically depending on the available window/screen width, those allowing the software to look well on split-screen setups or mobile devices with smaller screen resolutions.

Various bugs were addressed to make Getting Things GNOME display consistent results in the list of tasks, and the feature that automatically catches and displays Python errors (tracebacks) in the graphical user interface is now back so you can more easily report bugs.

“Of course, our software is perfect and you should never actually encounter such errors/uncaught exceptions, but… you never know. In the rare cases where this might happen, as a user, it’s better to be made aware if such a problem occurs,” said developer Jeff Fortin Tam.

Getting Things GNOME 0.6 is available for download and installation right now from Flathub as a universal Flatpak app for virtually any GNU/Linux distribution supporting the popular Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework.

If Flatpak isn’t available for your distro, you’ll find native packages in openSUSE Linux, Arch Linux, and Gentoo, or you can compile the source code yourself. For more details about the new features and improvements implemented in Getting Things GNOME 0.6, check out the full release announcement.

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