GIMP 2.10.28 Released with Improvements and Bug Fixes, New Script-Fu Function

GIMP 2.10.28

The GIMP project released today GIMP 2.10.28 as a new maintenance update to the GIMP 2.10 series of this very popular and powerful open-source and cross-platform image editor software.

GIMP 2.10.28 is here more than five months after the GIMP 2.10.24 release, which probably most of you are using on your GNU/Linux distributions right now, to address various bugs and issues, as well as to improve the performance of the application and add some new functionality.

Highlights of this release include a new Script-Fu function called dir-make that lets users create directories from scripts, fixes to various accessibility issues in themes, such as mouse-hover feedback or problematic colors, as well as bug fixes for the BMP, C-source, DDS, DICOM, GIF, Gimpressionist, Metadata Viewer, PS, PSD, Sunras, and TIFF plugins.

Several Script-Fu scripts and the Script-Fu interpreter itself received some bug fixes as well. Of course, the GEGL and Babl libraries were updated as well to add new functionality like 32-bit float RGB and CMYK color processing using the CTX renderer, and a new edge_handling parameter.

GIMP 2.10.28 isn’t a big update as the team of developers behind this powerful and free image editor used by millions of computer users worldwide are focusing their efforts on the next major release, GIMP 3, which I hope will be out by the end of the year with numerous new features and enhancements.

Until then, if you’re using GIMP, please update to version 2.10.28 as soon as it pops up in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions. You can also install it right now using the Flatpak universal binary (flatpak update org.gimp.GIMP//stable), or by downloading and compiling the source tarball from the official website.

More details about the changes implemented in the GIMP 2.10.28 release are available in the release announcement page and in the raw changelog, which reflects the changes between version 2.10.24 and 2.10.26 because version 2.10.28 only includes a fix for a build bug found in version 2.10.26.

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