GIMP 2.10.34 Released with More Features Backported from the Upcoming GIMP 3.0

This release improves support for PSD, JPEG-XL, TIFF, HEIF, DICOM, WebP, TGA, and PDF files.
GIMP 2.10.34

The GIMP 2.10.34 open-source, free, and cross-platform image editing software was released today and it’s available for download as another stable update in the GIMP 2.10 series.

Coming more than seven months after GIMP 2.10.32, the GIMP 2.10.34 is here to backport more new features from the upcoming and highly anticipated GIMP 3.0 release.

These include a template selector in the resize dialog, the ability to show symmetry dockable contents when no images are opened to improve discoverability, high bit depth precision export for RAW files, as well as a new eye icon header to the item tree views to improve visibility.

Also backported from the development versions of GIMP 3.0 is an updated “Canvas Size” dialog that now better uses the horizontal space rather than vertical space. This was achieved by moving the preview and offset fields to the right side, and the “Center” button just below.

Moreover, support for PSD (Photoshop) files was improved in this release by backporting more new features from the upcoming GIMP 3.0 release, such as the ability to import layers with clipping set (leading to color bleeding), import clipping layers, and export paths.

The same goes for JPEG-XL support, which was enhanced with new features from GIMP 3.0 development versions like metadata import, which requires the libjxl 0.7.0 library, as well as initial JPEG-XL export. On top of that, this release ensures that export is always in 8-bit lossless mode.

TIFF support was also improved in this release by better checking for invalid resolutions during import, preventing warnings for incorrect RichTIFFIPTC tags produced by Adobe products, reverting the BigTIFF export format from GIMP 2.10.32 as default in favor of the “normal” TIFF export format, and making the loading of “reduced” images an option.

“We use a heuristic for the default value of the said option (trying to guess if it’s a thumbnail by using common usage), but the final decision is now up to the one knowing the image you load,” explained the devs.

For PDF files, this release introduces a new “Fill transparent areas with white” option that fills the background in white by default allowing the import of transparent PDF files, as well as a new “Fill transparent areas with background color” export option to allow you to decide whether to export a PDF with transparent background or not.

The GIMP 2.10.34 release also adds the ability to remember color scale preferences (0..255/0..100 and LCh/HSV settings in the Colors selection dialogs) across sessions, renames the “Lock path strokes” tooltip for the dockable icon to just “Lock path,” and reverts the color proofing behavior from GIMP 2.10.32 due to inconsistent past workflows.

Support for HEIF, DICOM, WebP, and TGA images was improved as well in GIMP 2.10.34, which removes the detection of ICO and CUR image file formats to no longer interfere with the detection of certain types of TGA images.

Under the hood, GIMP 2.10.34 requires GEGL 0.4.38 or later and ships with an updated libgimpwidgets library that enables color-picking by default when compiling with X11 support even if a color-picking portal is present.

You can download GIMP 2.10.34 right now from the official website where it’s available as a Flatpak app for 64-bit (x86_64) and AArch64 (ARM64) architectures, as well as a source tarball if you fancy compiling it yourself.

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