GNOME 3.38.2 Desktop Environment Is Out with Even More Improvements and Bug Fixes

GNOME 3.38.2

GNOME Project’s Michael Catanzaro announced today the release and general availability of GNOME 3.38.2 as the second of many to come point releases to the latest GNOME 3.38 desktop environment series.

Coming two months after the first point release, GNOME 3.38.2 is here with better support for the GNOME OS project that lets developers and user test drive upcoming features of the popular desktop environment.

This support was implemented in the GNOME Boxes software, which now comes with up-to-date download URLs for GNOME OS, the ability to install GNOME OS under the osinfo custom database, as well as updated recommended downloads for the latest Linux distro releases and improved handling of file extensions.

GNOME 3.38.2 also comes with an improved GNOME Control Center that now correctly detects when Ethernet devices are hotplugged and supports recent UCM related changes in the ALSA and PulseAudio sound systems.

GNOME Music received various changes as well, such as better support for retrieving new songs when they’re added to the music directory, updated artist queries to retrieve art, and improved playlist sorting so it no longer crash.

For the Nautilus file manager, the GNOME 3.38.2 point release adds support for searching for Tracker 3 in PATH, addresses crashes in the batch rename dialog, and fixes double-click row checking.

Many core components received various changes as well, and you should check out the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, you should keep an eye on the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution for the GNOME 3.38.2 packages and update your installations as soon as they arrive.

If you’re an advanced Linux user or a Linux OS maintainer and you want to compile GNOME 3.38.2, you can use the official BuildStream project snapshot that’s available for download here or the source packages.

That’s it for GNOME in 2020. The next planned point release for the GNOME 3.38 desktop environment series is expected to hit the streets next year in early January, along with the alpha release of the upcoming GNOME 40 desktop environment series.

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