GNOME 40.5 Officially Released, Optimizes Rendering of Full-Screen Zoom and Fixes More Bugs

GNOME 40.5

Michael Catanzaro announced today the official release and general availability of GNOME 40.5 as the fifth maintenance update in the GNOME 40 desktop environment series.

GNOME 40.5 comes two and a half months after GNOME 40.4 and it was originally scheduled for September 22nd, 2021. It is a stable bugfix release for GNOME 40 and recommended to all distributions shipping the desktop environment in the software repositories.

GNOME 40.5 is a small point release compared to previous updates, and it’s here to optimize the rendering of full-screen zoom in GNOME Shell, fix monitor screencast scanouts and middle-click emulation support on X11 in Mutter, as well as to add duplex scanning support for Canon DR-C240 in Simple Scan, which also received better support for Brother scanners.

The GNOME Shell has been improved in this release to fix glitchy launch animations that occurred when leaving the Activities Overview, the wrong separator position in the dash, messed up work area from hidden panels, IM candidate popover position, as well as an issue with the on-screen keyboard not registering button presses on X11.

Other than that, this release includes a new version of the Totem video player (3.38.2) that features support for MPL subtitles. Of course, various other components of the GNOME desktop environment have been updated with smaller bug fixes and updated translations.

You can study the full changelog here and you can compile GNOME 40.5 using the official BuildStream project snapshot from here or the source packages. Most users are recommended to update their distributions via the stable software repositories of their GNU/Linux distributions.

The next point release in the GNOME 40 desktop environment series is GNOME 40.6, which was initially planned for release on October 30th, 2021. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, it will be officially released by the end of the month too.

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