GNOME 41.5 Released as a Bugfix Update for the GNOME 41 Desktop Series

GNOME 41.5

Jordan Petridis of the GNOME Release Team announced today the general availability of GNOME 41.5 as the fifth update to the latest stable GNOME 41 series of the popular desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

Coming two and a half months after GNOME 41.3 as it looks like the GNOME 41.4 update wasn’t announced, the GNOME 41.5 release is here with various bug fixes for some of the apps in the GNOME Stack, as well as core components.

GNOME 41.5 includes Nautilus (Files) 41.5 with improved HighContrast style and drag-and-drop, Mutter 41.5 with the ability to force the EGLStream backend and use multiple DnD X11 peers to improve drag-and-drop from an X11 client to a Wayland native client, as well as GNOME Software 41.5 with disabled scroll-by-mouse-wheel support on the featured carousel and updated Details pages to show apps provided on command-line.

As expected, the GNOME Shell component received a lot of attention during this cycle. While GNOME Shell 41.4 improves calendar events for custom timezones, out-of-sync location indicator, a timing issue on the login screen, keyboard navigation to windows/apps in the Activities Overview, and lightbox shader compatibility with older drivers, the GNOME Shell 41.5 release fixes glitches in the Activities Overview transition, unresponsive top bar in the Activities Overview when in full-screen, and opening of the device settings for enterprise WPA networks.

Other than that, the Window List extension has been updated as well in this release, to version 41.2, with improved window tracking to avoid missing icons, the Evince document viewer was updated to version 41.4 to fix a crash that occurred when thumbnail extraction took too long, and the Eye of GNOME image viewer has been updated to version 41.2 to fix discovery of the Evince app for multi-page images.

Users of the GNOME 41 desktop environment series should expect to see the GNOME 41.5 update in the stable software repositories of their favorite GNU/Linux distributions in the coming days. If you want to compile GNOME 41.5 yourself, you can use the official BuildStream project snapshot, which you can download here, or the individual source packages from here.

The next planned update for the GNOME 41 desktop environment series, GNOME 41.6, is currently scheduled for mid-April 2022. Meanwhile, we’re expecting the GNOME Project to unveil the major GNOME 42 desktop environment series this coming Wednesday, March 23rd, which introduced numerous new features and improvements.

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