GNOME 43.3 Brings Minor Fixes to GNOME Maps and GNOME Software

This release also includes new versions of GNOME Text Editor, GNOME Image Viewer, and libadwaita.
GNOME 43.3

The GNOME Project released today GNOME 43.3 as the third maintenance update to the latest stable GNOME 43 series of their widely used desktop environment, a release that brings some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

GNOME 43.3 was released only a month after GNOME 43.2 so you can imagine that it doesn’t include big changes. In fact it’s a small update, but I wanted you to know that it’s officially out and it’s coming soon to your distro’s repositories in the coming days.

GNOME 43.3 brings bug fixes to the GNOME Maps app, for the blurry shape layers issue on zoom, as well as for the accuracy of the user location marker positioning. Various other bugs were also fixed, but no details were provided, so if you’re using GNOME Maps regularly, keep an eye on this update.

The GNOME Software package manager also received some attention during this cycle. The app now periodically expires cached app icons and no longer notifies about unprepared critical updates. On top of that, several language translations have been updated.

Also landing in this round of updates for GNOME 43 is Text Editor, which has been updated to version 43.2. This release implements the ability to sort recent documents by last-visited (opened) time, improves the autosave feature, and disables the search entry when the recent items list is empty, as well as highlighting, spellchecking, and brace matching on large files.

Text Editor 43.2 also fixes scrolling of large lists in the “save changes” dialog, fixes emphasis style in various style schemes, fixes the initial state for search bar buttons, and updates translations.

A new version of the libadwaita library (1.2.1) is present as well with lots of bug fixes, including a memory leak, and the Eye of GNOME (Image Viewer) app has been updated to version 43.2 to prevent critical warnings when saving images when closing the app.

Last but not least, the devs included the Nautilus (Files) 43.2 release in the changelog though this arrived in early January 2023. This release, which you’re probably already using on your distro, brings a working nautilus-autorun-software function, reintroduces 64px icon size for the grid view, shows full filename again in the grid using tooltips, and restores two-dimensional navigation from Sushi.

Moreover, Nautilus 43.2 addresses a stuttering scrolling issue, handles X11-only drag-and-drop quirks, improves selection-setting, no longer shows � in the type on Properties, re-enables rename error dialogs, and improves keyboard focus navigation on the new views.

If you’re using the GNOME 43 desktop environment series, make sure that you update your distributions to the 43.3 release as soon as it lands in the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution. The next planned update, GNOME 43.4, is scheduled for mid-February 2023.

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