GNOME 44.1 Improves Screencast Support, Quick Settings, Background Apps, and More

It also brings improvements to Nautilus, GNOME Software, GNOME Calendar, and other components.
GNOME 44.1

The GNOME Project released GNOME 44.1 today as the first point release to the latest and greatest GNOME 44 desktop environment series bringing you a bunch of fixes and improvements for a better experience.

Arriving more than a month after the launch of GNOME 44 “Kuala Lumpur”, the GNOME 44.1 point release is here to add a section title in the Background Apps menu, use consistent naming for the “Power Mode” toggle in Quick Settings, improve the accessible names in Wi-Fi and VPN menus, as well as to fix some minor visual issues with the Bluetooth menu.

It also improves the light theme variant, fixes window screenshots with a pointer, improves support for transparent colors in symbolic SVG files, fixes recording of screenshots in recent items, fixes reloading of GNOME extensions on version-validation changes, and improves keyboard navigation of menu-less buttons.

Furthermore, GNOME 44.1 fixes resizing of windows via keyboard, improves multi-monitor support by fixing a possible screen freeze after resuming with multiple monitors connected, improves screencast support, fixes mapping of transitions for X11 windows on Wayland, and plugs memory leaks.

GNOME 44.1 also improves the Nautilus (Files) file manager by tweaking the style colors in view items, correctly flipping switches, showing custom emblems from extensions, dismissing the toast on undo, selecting the right items after some operations, pasting into expanded folders, and allowing extraction of .tar.zst and .zstd archives.

The Epiphany (GNOME Web) web browser received a fix for a crash that occurred when closing the window and discarding modified forms, a fix for a crash when restoring a session with view-source URI without host component, as well as a fix for the “Sync Now” button in the Firefox Sync dialog.

GNOME 44.1 also brings fixes to the GNOME Boxes virtualization software to address issues with decompressing disk files, forcing 3D acceleration to stick during startup, and setting current memory during virtual machine creation. Also, GNOME Boxes now always comes with the boot menu option enabled by default.

The GNOME Calendar app now preserves the zoom levels on the Week view when closing the app and offers better keyboard navigation for the event preview popover. On the other hand, the GNOME Maps app gets an improved “Send to” dialog.

GNOME Software got some attention too to update the state change of firmware after an update, fix the origin reference information for PackageKit apps, address a crash that occurred when removing a repository, and another crash occurring after dismissing the firmware update warning dialog.

Other updated components in GNOME 44.1 include xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, which now better handles non-existing files on the file chooser portal, gnome-settings-daemon, which now connects to light sensors asynchronously, and gnome-control-center, which now lets you configure all connected monitors and apply settings at the same time.

The GNOME Project encourages all GNU/Linux distributions shipping GNOME 44 to upgrade to the GNOME 44.1 point release, which should soon many its way into the stable software repositories of some of the most popular distros, including Fedora Linux 38, Ubuntu 23.04, Arch Linux, and openSUSE Tumbleweed.

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