GNOME Subtitles Free Subtitle Editor Software Gets a Major Update After Two Years of Silence

GNOME Subtitles

After more than two years of silence, Pedro Castro announced today a new major release of the GNOME Subtitles free and open-source subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop environment.

If you never heard of GNOME Subtitles before, let me tell you that it’s a powerful subtitle editor for the Linux desktop, supporting most common text-based subtitle formats and offering features like subtitle translation, synchronization of times and frames, as well as built-in video previewing.

The new release, GNOME Subtitles 1.7, is here to rewrite the GStreamer media playback engine to support newer and modern video formats. In addition, it improves audio and video playback support by allowing users to open an audio file after a video file display the last played frame, fixes video player stutters, fixes an issue with the side bar resizing itself during video playback, and disables VAAPI by default to prevent playback issues.

GNOME Subtitles 1.7 also introduces the ability to immediately refresh subtitle lines displayed on a video stream when it’s changed, adds support for the Enchant 2 spell checking library, optimizes the app to save the window state only when closing it, and improves the Set Languages dialog window, which now include information on how to install additional language packs.

Several important issues were fixed as well, such the bug that made it impossible to open a subtitles file via the file manager while the app was already running, or translations not being used in on Fedora 31 systems. In addition, GNOME Subtitles 1.7 renames video “Length” to “Duration” across the app, removes “” from the app, and improves the Autocheck Spelling feature to work as soon as the app is opened.

AppData and Desktop files have been updated in the GNOME Subtitles 1.7 release, which updates numerous translations and improves the help menu items. For more details on these changes, check out the release announcement page, and you can download the latest tarball from the official website.

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