GNU Linux-Libre 6.9 Kernel Released for Software Freedom Lovers

This kernel is targeted at those who want to build a 100% free computer that doesn't include any proprietary code.
GNU Linux-Libre 6.9

The GNU Linux-libre project announced today the release and general availability of the GNU Linux-libre 6.9 kernel for those who seek 100% freedom for their GNU/Linux computers and software freedom lovers.

Based on the just-released Linux 6.9 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre 6.9 kernel is here to clean up a new Renesas FemtoClock3 Wireless as PTP clock (ptp_fc3) driver, update the cleaning up of the AMDGPU, ath12k, Adreno, btusb, and r8169 drivers.

On top of that, GNU Linux-libre 6.9 also adjusts for changes around an hex-encoded sourceless blob, cleans up various new devicetree files for AArch64 implementations by TI, Qualcomm, and MediaTek, and fixes an initialization freeze in the Intel i915 graphics driver from previous release.

“We had been made aware of a problem that some users of i915 graphics cards were facing, that caused the cards to freeze early during boot,” said the devs. “We’ve now changed the logic to skip disabled blobs entirely, so the driver overall logic won’t even attempt to load blobs, and will thus proceed to activate the card.”

The GNU Linux-libre kernel is targeted at software freedom lovers and Linux purists who want to build a 100% free GNU/Linux computer without any proprietary drivers or code. You can download the latest release’s compressed tarballs right now from the official website.

Ready-to-use binary packages for Debian-based (DEB) and Red Hat-based (RPM) distributions can be found at the Freesh project and RPM Freedom. The GNU Linux-libre kernel can be installed on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution alongside or as a replacement for the standard kernel.

Image credits: GNU Linux-libre project

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