GNU Parted 3.5 Released with Support for the Linux “Home” GUID, Bug Fixes

GNU Parted 3.5

Brian C. Lane announced today the release and general availability of GNU Parted 3.5 as the latest stable release of this powerful command-line utility for managing disk partitions and the backend to the famous GParted tool.

Almost four months in development, GNU Parted 3.5 is here to introduce support for the Linux /home GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) using linux-home flag, support for partition names to be an empty string when they are set in --script mode, as well as support for using the swap partition flag on disks labeled as MSDOS.

GNU Parted 3.5 also adds a new --fix option to the --script mode to automatically fix various problems, such as the missing backup GPT header at the end of a disk, and adds a --json command-line switch that can be used to output the details of the disk in the JSON file format.

Among other noteworthy changes in this release, there’s support for the AArch64 (ARM64) and MIPS64 architectures as valid machines for testing, support for using libdevmapper’s retry remove option when trying to remove a busy disk partition, as well as the ability to keep GUID-specific attributes when writing the GPT header.

On top of that, this release is built against the latest Gnulib, removes the mention of “a particular partition” from its usage, adds support for escaping colons and backslashes in the machine output, and decreases disk sizes used in tests to 267MB for FAT32 and only 10MB for the rest, making it easier to run the test suite on low-memory systems.

For more details about the changes included in this update and to download GNU Parted 3.5, check out the release announcement page. It should also appear soon in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution so update your installations as soon as possible if you’re using GNU Parted to manage your disk partitions.

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