Here’s Manjaro Linux Running on the PinePhone and PineTab

Manjaro Linux for PinePhone and PineTab

Manjaro Linux is the latest distribution to make great progress on PINE64’s amazing PinePhone open source Linux phone, as well as on the upcoming PineTab tablet.

The Manjaro Linux ARM team recently announced a new development build of their Arch Linux-based distro for the PinePhone and PineTab devices, and it looks like they are making great progress so far.

According to the developers, the latest alpha build introduces the brand-new Plasma Mobile interface, a couple of new apps, a Manjaro ARM wallpaper, as well as a new partition layout using extlinux.conf as configuration file.

Moreover, the new build adds support for saving contacts in the Phonebook app, fixes brightness control, enables screen lock via the power button, improves the Favorites bar be correctly displayed, and changes the default user password to 1234.

Under the hood, the latest Manjaro ARM alpha images are now using the unstable branch of Manjaro Linux and they’re powered by the latest Linux 5.5 kernel from PINE64.

But what’s more important is that Manjaro ARM for PinePhone now supports phone calls, and that right there is a great example of the amazing work the Open Source community can do.

If you have a PinePhone, you can try the latest Manjaro ARM build by downloading the image from here. To use it, you need to write the image on an 8GB SD card with the Etcher app, and the insert it on the device and boot from it. For more details, known issues and support check out the forum announcement.

Image: Manjaro

Last updated 4 years ago

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