Inkscape 1.1 Open-Source SVG Editor Released with Many New Features and Improvements

Inkscape 1.1

The open-source, free, and cross-platform Inkscape SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) editor has been updated to version 1.1 as the first major point release in the 1.x series.

Coming more than a year after Inkscape 1.0, the Inkscape 1.1 release is here to introduce lots of goodies, starting with a new and fancy Welcome dialog that you can use to fully customize your Inkscape experience by choosing things like the size of the document you want to create, canvas colors, color modes, keyboard shortcut styles, theme sets, and much more.

Also new is the Command Palette feature that lets you search and use through various functions without relying on menus or keyboard shortcuts. Talking about search, Inkscape 1.1 makes it easier to search preferences when you quickly want to change various settings thanks to the newly integrated search bar.

Furthermore, the new Inkscape release comes with a revamped Dialog Docking System that now lets you dock dialog boxes on either side of your workspace as tabs, which will automatically turn into icons when there are several tabs open. In addition, it’s possible to combine your favorite tabs, close them with the middle mouse click, or toggle all dialogs at once using the F12 key.

Among other exciting changes, Inkscape 1.1 adds a new Outline Overlay mode that may come in handy when you work with drawings that have multiple layers, adds support for exporting to JPG, WebP, TIFF, or Optimized PNG, and makes it possible to split an object into two or more parts using the new path effect without destroying the original object.

Various improvements were also brought to the Calligraphy tool, which now updates connection lines in real time, the Node tool, which now lets you copy, cut and paste a selection of nodes, the Pen and Pencil tool, which now features a new “Scale” option for setting the width of a path, as well as the Lasso/Rubberband selection tool, which now features a new selection mode that helps you select every object within the box.

Last but not least, Inkscape’s About dialog has been revamped in this release with a bigger window and a tabbed interface that makes it easier to send feedback or to copy the version and debugging info with a single mouse click. Of course, there are many bugs fixed, especially around Live Path Effects, and there’s an experimental Extension Manager for updating and installing extensions, so make sure you also check out the release notes for more details.

Meanwhile, you can download Inkscape 1.1 right now from the official website as universal AppImage or Snap binary formats that can be installed on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution, as well as a PPA for Ubuntu-based distributions.

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