IPFire Now Offers New Metrics for OpenVPN, File-Sharing Services for Apple Devices

IPFire 2.25 Core Update 141 released

Michael Tremer announced today the general availability of IPFire 2.25 Core Update 145, a new maintenance update of this popular Linux-based, open-source and free firewall distribution.

Highlights of the IPFire 2.25 Core Update 145 release introduces new metrics for the OpenVPN server to collect metrics about connected clients, such as how long the client was connected and when.

Another new feature introduced in this latest release of the IPFire Linux firewall distro is the Netatalk package, a free and open-source software that provides file-sharing services for Apple devices.

IPFire will also now log NAT connections in the filter chain and launch the random number generator earlier in the boot process to be able to see Linux kernel’s pseudo-random number generator as soon as possible.

Other changes include support for WIO Wayland compositor to display the connection times for IPsec tunnels, as well as support for the vnStat network utility to refresh its graphs more often to provide users with accurate and detailed data, and to use a new database format.

Pakfire, the software that provides IPFire users with a safe and easy way to install add-ons and updates has been updated as well to correctly use upstream proxies.

To make the system more robust, this release updates many of the core libraries and components to their latest versions. Among these, there’s GNU Coreutils 8.32, libevent2 2.1.11-stable, libhtp 0.5.33, libjpeg 2.0.4, libpng 1.6.37, libseccomp 2.4.3, libusb 1.0.23, and libwww-perl 6.43.

Other updated components included in IPFire 2.25 Core Update 145 are Automake 1.16.2, Berkeley DB 5.3.28, Bind 9.11.19, CMake 3.17.0, Hyperscan 5.2.1, iproute2 5.6.0, ipset 7.6, Knot 2.9.4, Netpbm 10.73.31, OpenLDAP 2.4.29, OpenVPN 2.4.9, Suricata 5.0.3, Unbound 1.10.1, and vnstat 2.6.

Multiple add-ons were updated as well, such as BorgBackup 1.1.11, ClamAV 0.102.3, faad2 2.8.8, FFmpeg 4.4.2, fping 4.2, LAME 3.100, libogg 1.3.4, libmpeg2 0.4.1, libshout 2.4.3, libtiff 4.1.0, libvorbis 1.3.6, Motion 4.3.0, GNU nano 4.9.2, OPUS 1.3.1, pcengines-apu-firmware, Postfix 3.5.1, shairport-sync 3.3.6, SoX 14.4.2, strace 5.5, taglib 1.11.1, tmux 3.1, Tor, TShark 3.2.3, and Xvid 1.3.7.

You can download IPFire 2.25 Core Update 145 right now from the official website. However, existing users need only to update their installations to receive all the updated components and new features mentioned above.

Last updated 4 years ago

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