IPFire Linux Firewall Now Ships with the IPFire Location Database

IPFire 2.25 Core Update 141 released

Michael Tremer from the IPFire Project, an open source Linux-based hardened firewall distribution, announced today the availability of a new release, the first to ship with the new IPFire Location database.

IPFire 2.25 Core Update 148 is here as the monthly update you’ve been waiting for, replacing last month’s Core Update 147 release. However, it’s not your regular maintenance update, but an important milestone in the history of the project.

Why? Because it’s the first release to ship with the brand-new IPFire Location project, an in-house built location database that replaces MaxMind’s GeoIP database and also provides some much-needed improvements.

With IPFire Location you’ll be able to better secure your firewall by analyzing the origin of attacks and blocking attackers from certain countries. You can also choose which servers can be accessed from certain locations, as well as to limit connections from a specific place.

“The IPFire Project is finally ready for prime time,” says Michael Tremer. “It comes with a new implementation to build, organise and access a highly optimised database packages with loads of helpful data for our firewall engines.”

Another cool feature of the new IPFire Location project is that the location database is now being updated on a weekly basis, making it more accurate than MaxMind’s GeoIP database.

On top of that, the IPFire Location can be integrated anywhere on the operating system with ease as it doesn’t require to be converted into various formats, which also makes the Web UI load a lot faster than before.

The IPFire Project hope to see its IPFire Location database being adopted by more projects in the coming weeks and months as it is getting improved all the time. More details about IPFire Location can be found here.

You can download the IPFire 2.25 Core Update 148 release for 64-bit (x86_64) and ARM platforms for new deployments right now from the official website. Existing users need only to update their installations.

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