‘Just Perfection’ GNOME Shell Extension Now Lets You Customize Your GNOME 40 Desktop

Just Perfection

The ‘Just Perfection’ GNOME Shell extension has been recently updated to support the latest GNOME 40 desktop environment and let you customize it to your liking.

In case you weren’t aware, though I bet many hardcore GNOME users already have it installed, there’s a GNOME Shell extension called ‘Just Perfection’ that replaces many single-purpose extensions for your GNOME desktop environment, and the latest release works with GNOME 40.

The Just Perfection extension does a lot of things to let you make the GNOME desktop your own. For example, in GNOME 40 it lets you hide the dash in case you want to use a third-party dock-like application, or you can just move the top panel to the bottom instead or disable the panel completely!

Another thing I like about this extension is that it lets you search for things in apps or in the Activities Overview just by typing. So you won’t have to first click on the search field or even enable it, if it’s not visible, to start searching; a little thing that saves us a lot of precious time.

But the ‘Just Perfection’ GNOME Shell extension can do a lot more, letting you disable many items you might not want on your panel, such as the Activities, App Menu, Clock Menu, Keyboard Layout, Accessibility Menu, System Menu, Power Icon, and even the right-click desktop context menu (a.k.a. Background Menu).

On top of that, it lets you disable some of the default behavior of the GNOME desktop environment, including the Hot Corner gesture to access the Activities Overview, the On-Screen Display (OSD), the Search field and Window Picker icon from the Activities Overview, the app gestures, as well as the workspace switcher and popup.

Some customization options are there as well to let you set a custom size for the Workspace Switcher and adjust the Panel’s round corner size. Just Perfection even lets you override the default GNOME shell theme partially minimal desktop effect, and you don’t even need to have the user-theme-extension installed or enabled.

The Just Perfection extension works with GNOME versions 3.36, 3.38 and 40.0, and I highly recommended to all GNOME users, especially those who aren’t fans of its default appearance and/or functionality.

You can install the ‘Just Perfection’ GNOME Shell extension right now from the GNOME Extensions website. With this must-have extension, I bet we will see a lot of GNU/Linux distributions with customized GNOME 40 desktop layouts in the near future, like the one I made myself below.

Update: Just Perfection 10 is out and it now lets you display or hide the Applications button, change the position (and position offset) of the clock menu (left, right or center), as well as to change the speed of the animation or disable it entirely. Check it out in action below!

Last updated 3 years ago

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