KaOS Linux 2021.08 Released with Fresh New Look, KDE Gear 21.08 with Plasma Mobile Apps

KaOS Linux 2021.08

The August 2021 ISO release (2021.08) of the independently developed and Arch Linux inspired distribution KaOS Linux is now available for download with various new features, new apps, and some improvements.

KaOS Linux 2021.08 is a special release for this rolling-release distribution because it’s the first in a very long time to ship with a fresh new look and feel. The new look consists of a revamped desktop theme that includes a uniform look for the SDDM login screen and the lock screen with a darker transparent sidebar, a cleaner boot splash screen, as well as a darker logout look.

In addition, KaOS Linux’s unique look of the KDE Plasma desktop environment has been enriched with the brand-new Applications Launcher introduced in the latest KDE Plasma 5.22 desktop environment series, replacing the cascading menu that was used for a long time now.

Other important changes in this new KaOS Linux ISO snapshot were made around the Calamares installer, which now features an almost complete set of QML modules with the exception of the partitioning module, the ability to remember the network settings from the live system to the installed system, as well as a new option that lets users select their preferred file system when using automated partitioning (XFS is the default option).

Of course, there’s no new KaOS Linux ISO release without a full set of updated packages that existing users already received from the stable software repositories. KaOS Linux 2021.08 ships with the recently released KDE Plasma 5.22.4 desktop environment, KDE Gear 21.08 and KDE Frameworks 5.85 software suites, systemd 249.3, Mesa 21.1.7, NetworkManager 1.32.8, cURL 7.78, IWD 1.16, Poppler 21.08, Vulkan 1.2.187, Udisks 2.9.3, MLT 7.0.1, OpenEXR 3.1.1, and Qt 5.15.3.

On top of that, KaOS Linux 2021.08 includes several new applications like BibleTime, MauiKit Accounts, and Speedtest CLI, as well as the Plasma Mobile suite of apps, including the Angelfish web browser, Kasts podcasts software, Kalk calculator utility, and Koko image viewer. Under the hood, this release is powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.13 kernel series.

Those of you who want to use KaOS Linux on their personal computers can download the 2021.08 release right now from the official website or by clicking the direct download link below. Existing users don’t need to download the new ISO image to keep their installations up to date, but only to ensure they have all the latest updates installed by running the sudo pacman -Syu command in a terminal emulator.

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