KDE Falkon 3.2 Web Browser Released with Screen Capture Support, Many Improvements

KDE Falkon 3.2

KDE Project’s Qt-based Falkon (formerly QupZilla) free and open-source web browser has been updated today to version 3.2, a major release that introduces several new features and numerous improvements.

Falkon is one of the less known and used web browsers, since it was initially developed only for educational purposes, but it is shaping up as a feature-rich browser that could very well compete with popular open-source browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

The latest release, Falkon 3.2, is here almost two years after version 3.1 with major new features like screen capture support, built-in PDFium-based viewer, initial support for downloading themes and extensions, and improved cookie management by allowing users to select more than one cookie at once.

This release also introduces the ability to set the current tab as parent for a duplicated tab, focus for the search bar in both the history and bookmark sidebars, the ability to pause and resume downloads, the ability to detach tabs via the context menu, as well as support for filtering the Preferences extensions page.

KDE Falkon 3.2 also improves support for bookmarks by adding a context menu item to the bookmarks toolbar to allow users to create folders for storing bookmarks, removes the padding of the bookmark bar, and no longer allows users to create bookmarks without a parent.

On top of that, there are various improvements to the Speeddial, the KWallet integration as users are now prompted it’s disabled, the KDE Frameworks integration, handling of web push notifications via Falkon’s notification system, vertical tabs support, as well as NetworkManager integration.

Another interesting change in Falkon 3.2 is the fact that users will now be able to remove locally installed themes and plugins. For more details about this release and to download the source tarball, don’t hesitate to check out the release announcement page.

Last updated 2 years ago

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