KDE Frameworks 5.103 Improves Support for Flatpak and Qt 6 Apps, Plasma Wayland

Also brings various small improvements and fixes to many KDE apps.
KDE Frameworks 5.103

The KDE Project released today KDE Frameworks 5.103 as the latest stable version of this open-source collection of add-on libraries for Qt providing commonly needed functionality for the KDE Plasma and its app ecosystem.

In KDE Frameworks 5.103, the KDE developers improved support for Flatpak apps as they addressed a major bug causing your system to hang while installing or updating Flatpaks, especially when using the Btrfs file system.

They also improved the Plasma Wayland session by fixing a bunch of weird and random clipboard issues, as well as Spectacle’s “Copy to clipboard right after taking a screenshot” feature, which now works as expected on Plasma Wayland.

KDE Frameworks 5.103 also implements an error message that prompts users when trying to run a CLI program that’s not installed or can’t be found, added a tooltip showing the full text for standard list items with elided text throughout Kirigami-based apps, and improved tooltips across QtWidgets-based KDE apps to no longer display the same text twice.

For QtQuick-based apps, KDE Frameworks 5.103 is here to improve framed views with rounded corners to address some visual glitches, improve scrolling over scrollbars to work consistently and look better when using an RTL (Right-to-Left) language, and fix a bunch of various other glitches with scrollbars. Also, it’s no longer possible to drag items in scrollable views that shouldn’t be draggable.

Also fixed in this release are two issues with Plasma Panel’s widget pop-up placement, which were inappropriately centered on multi-monitor setups or when the panel wasn’t maximized, various visual glitches affecting the Plasma Panel and System Tray icons, especially for Qt 6 apps, as well as page titles in Kirigami-based apps.

For more details on the changes implemented in KDE Frameworks 5.103, check out the full changelog. Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop environment or any KDE apps, keep an eye on the stable repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution for the 5.103 versioned packages and update as soon as possible.

Last updated 1 year ago

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