KDE Frameworks 5.77 Released with More Than 250 Fixes and Improvements

KDE Plasma 5.21 features

The KDE Project announced today the release and general availability of the KDE Frameworks 5.77 open-source software suite, a monthly update incorporating numerous improvements and bug fixes for KDE apps.

KDE Frameworks 5.77 packs a month’s worth of improvements, bug fixes and new features to make your KDE Plasma and Apps experience much better and more reliable than ever. There are more than 250 changes included in this monthly update, but below I’m gonna highlight some of the most important ones.

First, the usability improvements as KDE Frameworks 5.77 makes it possible to send multiple files to a Bluetooth device. Moreover, a new option in the standard file overwrite dialog will let you overwrite older files automatically, and it’s once again possible to navigate to other folders with the keyboard in URL navigators.

The Places Panel in file dialogs has been updated as well in this release to match the new behavior of the Dolphin file manager of only highlighting an entry in the Places Panel when the exact location is displayed in the main view.

Support for NFS and Samba shares was improved too, relative times are now used across the entire KDE Plasma desktop environment instead of raw times (e.g. 15 minutes ago), and the correct sets of files is now displayed in the “Often Used” or “Recently Used” views in various places in Plasma (e.g. Kickoff’s tabs).

Furthermore, Plasma Wayland session users will now be able to re-assign keyboard shortcuts without triggering their actions by accident, and the Plasma Discover package manager now better performs updates for add-ons from store.kde.org.

On multi-screen setups, KDE Frameworks now places the menu that appears when dragging and dropping items on the desktop on the correct screen. Also, this release makes using the Meta+Tab shortcut in the System Settings’ Shortcuts page more reliable.

And now for the visual changes as KDE Frameworks 5.77 adds support for all KDE applications to display beautiful icons for video subtitle files, Math files, QEMU and SquashFS images, as well as TrueType font files, and finally makes Kup’s system tray icon monochrome.

Other visual changes include an updated clear button inside KDE Plasma text fields that no longer overlaps long text, improved color drawing of Plasma scrollbars when using a light Plasma theme and a dark color scheme for apps, as well as updated section headers and separators in Kirigami-based apps to look better.

In addition, KDE Frameworks now correctly aligns the text in various layouts across System Settings, Plasma Discover, and other apps to the nearby controls, tweaks the progress indicator bars in Plasma notifications to no longer be displayed over their bounds, and removes the extra separator in the desktop drag-and-drop menu.

Several nasty bugs were squashed as well in KDE Frameworks 5.77, including a crash in System Settings that occurred when clicking on the “Get new Scripts” button on the KWin Scripts page, as well as an issue causing files that were renamed and then immediately deleted to still appear in Baloo’s index.

Last but not least, KDE Frameworks 5.77 makes it more reliable to remove items installed via the Get New [Thing] system. For more details about all the changes included in this update, you should check out the full changelog.

Image credits: KDE Project

Last updated 3 years ago

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