KDE Frameworks 5.84 Released with Expandable Tooltips, Performance Improvements

KDE Frameworks 5.83

The KDE Project released today the KDE Frameworks 5.84 update to this open-source and free collection of over 80 add-on libraries to Qt providing common functionality for the Plasma desktop environment and apps.

KDE Frameworks 5.84 introduces a new user interface feature called expandable tooltips, which adds a “Press Shift for more” label to the tooltips in KDE apps that use the KXMLGui and Kirigami frameworks to display the longer text of that tooltip. This is a replacement of the “What’s This?” feature.

This release also improves the clearing of global shortcuts for Plasma applets, improves the performance of SVG lookups in the Plasma desktop for a more responsive experience using less resources, fixes the most common crash in the Plasma calendar, and improves the appearance of tooltip shadows in the Plasma desktop.

On top of that, KDE Frameworks 5.84 improves the system font in the way that it will now immediately update without having to relaunch your apps (only for QtQuick-based apps), adds the name of a mounted drive to unlabeled disks to help you easily identify them, and improves clicking on Places Panel entries for bind-mounted locations.

Last but not least, this monthly update to KDE Frameworks improves grid items across System Settings and wallpaper choosers to look accurately without lightening the content area when hovering the mouse cursor over them, and improves disabled pages in System Monitor to remain disabled when their sidebar is collapsed into icons-only mode.

Moreover, the “Get New [thing]” dialogs have been updated to more gracefully handle various scenarios like when the server is down or slow, and QtQuick apps that use the Kirigami OverlaySheet component no longer let the sheet touch the edges of the window or screen.

The Breeze icon theme has been updated as well with icons for stickers, new network icons, as well as new icons for advanced trimming tools in the Kdenlive video editor. There are more than 170 changes included in KDE Frameworks 5.84, so check out the full changelog on the release announcement page for more details.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop environment or KDE apps, make sure that you update your installations to the KDE Frameworks 5.84 packages as soon as they land in the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution.

Last updated 3 years ago

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