KDE Frameworks 5.89 Further Improves the Plasma Wayland Session, Fixes Many Bugs

KDE Frameworks 5.89

The KDE Prooject released today KDE Frameworks 5.89 as the monthly update for this open-source software suite containing more than 80 add-on libraries to Qt that provide a wide range of commonly needed functionality for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and related apps.

KDE Frameworks 5.89 is here to further improve the Plasma Wayland session by making the Morphing Popups effect work correctly so that panel tooltips have a smooth animation when they appear and disappear, fixing Plasma OSD (On-Screen Display) to respect KWin’s maximized window placement policy, and improves support for QtWidgets apps like Dolphin, Gwenview, or Okular so that the menu won’t appear as a standalone window when clicking on the hamburger menu button while their windows are unfocused.

This release also improves the Battery & Brightness applet to display the battery status for more devices, especially some Bluetooth devices, improves the title rows of QtQuick-based pages in the System Settings and Info Center apps, and improves the KCommandBar to no longer display an empty space on the right side and to show a placeholder message when searching for things returns no results.

KDE Frameworks 5.89 packs many visual changes, mostly bug fixes and corrections. For example, it centers icons and text in the tabs of Plasma applets, addresses a visual glitch with Plasma tooltips that made them flicker when they appear or disappear, fixes numerous issues with the Breeze icons, improves the Monochrome Breeze icons to display the right colors when using a dark color scheme, and improves Plasma theme’s graphics to no longer look weird after an update.

Furthermore, there’s now a fallback mechanism for icon themes that are missing some requested icons so that it skips to the next icon closest to the one missing, the tooltips for elided items in KRunner search views now use the same styling used everywhere else on the Plasma desktop, and progress bars, scrollbars, and sliders in the Breeze Plasma style now use the same slightly darker background color used in app windows.

Image credits: Nate Graham

Keyboard navigation has been improved as well in KDE Frameworks 5.89, which adds a new keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) for focusing on the search field in the icon chooser dialog, and lets users close dialog layers in Kirigami-based apps using the Esc key. Also, the icon selection dialog now pre-selects the folder’s currently used icon for easier visualization and keyboard navigation.

Last but not least, this new KDE Frameworks release fixes a crash in the Plasma desktop that occurred when attempting to switch the wallpaper from slideshow to plain color, fixes another crash that made Trash files or folders to get copied to /tmp when hovering over them with the mouse cursor, and improves the Properties window for files to show which app is the default to open the respective file.

Image credits: Nate Graham

For more details about the changes included in the KDE Frameworks 5.89 release, check out the full changelog on the announcement page. Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop environment, it is highly recommended that you update to this new KDE Frameworks release as soon as it will appear in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

Last updated 2 years ago

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