KDE Gear 21.04 Gets First Point Release with Konsole Improvements, More

KDE Gear

The KDE Project released today the first point release of their latest KDE Gear 21.04 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and other projects.

KDE Gear 21.04 was released three weeks ago with various new features and improvements for many of your favorite KDE apps. In case you missed it, the KDE Project renamed its KDE Applications software suite to KDE Gear earlier this year, but it’s only a name change, nothing else that would affect you.

Now, KDE Gear 21.04.1 is here as the first point release to the open-source office suite, bringing various changes to the Konsole terminal emulator, such as improved visibility of selected text, a fix for a crash that may occur when you enter a very long string (e.g. 6000 characters) and then immediately maximize the window, as well as a fix for a crash that could occur when opening the app’s Settings window.

KDE Gear 21.04.1 also improves the Okular document viewer so that its Browse tool gets automatically activated after using the Trim to Selection tool, improves the Dolphin file manager so that its Places panel sidebar now display the correct spacing for list items after changing the icon size and then reverting the change, and makes video thumbnails work again on GNU/Linux distributions using FFmpeg 3.

Other than that, KDE Gear 21.04’s first point release improves the Elisa music player so that its Now Playing page correctly show the “Show In Folder” action in the status bar on the bottom when resizing the window (check out the video below, courtesy of Nate Graham, for more details).

The full changelog for the KDE Gear 21.04.1 point release is available here for more details on all the changes and fixes. Meanwhile, if you’re using a GNU/Linux distribution with the KDE Gear 21.04 software suite, make sure you update to version 21.04.1 as soon as possible.

Last updated 3 years ago

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