KDE Gear 21.08.3 Released as the Last in the Series, KDE Gear 21.12 Arrives December 9th

KDE Gear 21.08.3

The KDE Project announced the release and general availability of KDE Gear 21.08.3 as the third and last maintenance update to the latest KDE Gear 21.08 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and other projects.

KDE Gear 21.08.3 is here about a month after KDE Gear 21.08.2 and it brings one last batch of bug fixes and improvements for those of you using the KDE Gear 21.08 software suite. A total of 74 changes are included in this last KDE Gear 21.08 point release across several KDE apps and core libraries, according to the full changelog.

Highlights include a fix for a crash in the Dolphin file manager when using the context menu to archive files but cancel the operation in the middle via the progress information notification, a fix for a crash in the Okular image viewer when opening a PDF document with a malformed date value, fix for display errors in time edit field arrows in KAlarm personal alarm utility, as well as a fix for broken muting audio master in the Kdenlive video editor.

Among the improvements introduced in the KDE Gear 21.08.3 release, Okular image viewer’s Bookmarks menu was improved to properly reload and continue to display the right set of bookmarks when switching between open documents, as well as its Quick Annotations toolbar button, which now opens the full annotations toolbar when no Quick Annotations are configured.

Furthermore, the KItinerary travel itinerary app can now handle MÁV ticket date formats in the English language, supports extracting boarding group from Eurowings pkpasses, supports extracting the Cancel URL from Lufthansa pkpasses, supports proper extaction of real names from Lufthansa and EuroWings pkpasses, and support German Eurowings booking confirmation.

Last but not least, the KPublicTransport API now features an updated SNCB certificate and OTP Ulm rental vehicle configuration, the “Bind keyboard shortcuts in the Search dialog’s results” option in KOrganizer was reverted, KContact now uses the show/hide sidebar action, and KAlarm’s time edit fields now work with the Breeze application style.

The KDE Gear 21.08.3 update should soon be available in the stable software repositories of your favorite, KDE Plasma-powered GNU/Linux distribution, especially on rolling-release distros like KDE neon, Arch Linux, openSUSE Tumbleweed, and PCLinuxOS, but also on Kubuntu 21.10 through their Kubuntu Backports PPA.

The next major release will be KDE Gear 21.12, currently scheduled for December 9th, 2021.

Image credits: KDE Project

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