KDE Gear 22.04.2 Adds 7zip Support to Ark, Improves Dolphin, Kdenlive, and Other Apps

KDE Gear 22.04.2

The KDE Project announced today the release and general availability of KDE Gear 22.04.2 as the second maintenance update to the latest KDE Gear 22.04 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Coming less than a month after KDE Gear 22.04.1, the KDE Gear 22.04.2 point release is here to improve the Dolphin file manager by making it more reliable when downloading and installing new context menu services, adding a proper fix for sorting by access time, and addressing a visual glitch in the Details view when right-clicking on an empty part of the view, also allowing you to paste files in the currently visible view.

KDE Gear 22.04.2 also improves the Spectacle screenshot utility by making its global keyboard shortcut for the “take screenshot of window under cursor” action, namely Meta+Ctrl+PrtSc, work properly without causing the application to launch incorrectly or create a memory hung when it’s closed.

As expected, the Kdenlive video editor received a lot of fixes to improve the NVENC codec, undo/redo clip cut, maker search, file watcher, timeremap clip, undoing of the center keyframe, changing of the clip monitor background color, undo selected clip insert, clip thumbs, document loading, dropping of effects on the clip monitor, full-screen clip monitor with mirrored screens, mix on very short AV clips, slide composition, missing audio with “WebM-VP9/Opus (libre)” preset, and more.

Among other noteworthy changes, the KDE Gear 22.04.2 point release fixes importing of LDAP settings into Akonadi, adds support for 7zip and p7zip archives to the Ark archive manager, addresses a regression that made the scroll position jump in the Konsole terminal emulator, and fixes a crash in the Okular document viewer that occurred while undoing on an empty annotation via the main menu.

Also, KItinerary received extractor scripts for UK national rail and Thalys PDF tickets, as well as better handling of Eventbrite street addresses. Apps like KMail, KMahjongg, KolourPaint, PartitionManager, Yakuake, KDevelop, Kate, Kalendar, and KAddressBook also received some fixes, so check out the full changelog for more details about the changes included in this update.

The KDE Gear 22.04.2 release will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, so make sure that you keep your installations up to date at all times, especially if you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop environment, if you want to enjoy the best possible KDE Apps experience.

Last updated 2 years ago

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