KDE Gear 22.12.1 Brings Improvements to Dolphin, Konsole, Kdenlive, and Other Apps

Also improves Kate, KAlarm, Gwenview, Ark, KGpg, KMail, Konqueror, Okular, KPat, and KNights.
KDE Gear 22.12.1

The KDE Project released today KDE Gear 22.12.1 as the first maintenance update to the latest and greatest KDE Gear 22.12 software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and other platforms.

KDE Gear 22.12.1 is a bugfix update that improves many of the default KDE apps, including the Dolphin file manager, whose “Delete permanently” button regained keyboard focus by default when permanently deleting a file.

The Konsole terminal emulator received a bunch of bug fixes as well, bringing back the ability to save new profiles, glitch-free fractional scaling on X11, support for Shift+Arrows+Alt/Ctrl keyboard shortcuts for applications, support for Ctrl and Alt keys in mouse tracking mode, and more.

As usual, the powerful Kdenlive video editor got many changes, including a new camera proxy for Akaso, the ability to update marker colors even when there are two markers with the same text, deprecation of parallel processing on 32-bit systems, as well as the ability to update mouse cursor position in the timeline toolbar on zoom and scroll.

Kdenlive also received a bunch of bug fixes to improve existing functionality like copy, paste, and move of rotoscoping keyframes, the color balance filter when picking a new color, editing of multiple markers, the designer plugin, audio on pause/play, timeline playback when refreshing the clip monitor or changing preview resolution, the Close button in status messages, guides, zoom, resize zone, rendering, and monitor overlay.

Last but not least, the Zanshin getting things done (GTG) and Yakuake drop-down terminal emulator apps received better Wayland support, the Skanlite image scanning app no longer shows the button for changing scanners while a scan operation is in progress, and the KMag magnifier utility now supports grabbing for multi-screen configurations.

The KDE Itinerary personal assistant app now supports handling of more NH booking confirmation variants, extracting of classes from MAV barcodes, Eventim “TicketDirect” PDFs, international Trenitialia tickets (including French language variants), as well as improved Eventim pkpass seat data extraction. Also, the KPublicTransport library used by the KDE Itinerary received initial support for new GBFS v2.3 vehicle and propulsion types.

Other apps like Kate, KAlarm, Gwenview, Ark, KGpg, KMail, Konqueror, Okular, KPat, and KNights received various bug fixes, so check out the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the stable software repositories for the KDE Gear 22.12.1 packages and update your installations as soon as they arrive for a better KDE Plasma/Apps experience.

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