KDE Gear 23.04.1 Is Out to Improve Kdenlive, Spectacle, Dolphin, and More

This point release also improves the Skanpage, Elisa, Minuet, NeoChat, Okular, and Konsole apps.
KDE Gear 23.04.1

The KDE Project released today KDE Gear 23.04.1 as the first of three planned maintenance updates for the latest KDE Gear 23.04 open-source software suite to address various issues in your favorite KDE apps.

KDE Gear 23.04.1 is here to improve the Kdenlive video editor by fixing an issue causing project files to be corrupted when opened, a recent regression where sequence clip duration was not updated, various sequence issues, a crash when the speech engine was left configured, as well as a concurrency crash in thumbnails.

The Spectacle screenshot utility has been improved in this release by fixing the Rectangular Region selector to work as expected on multi-monitor setups where one of the displays has a scale factor below 100%. Moreover, Spectacle will no longer affect the window below it when it’s closed with the Esc key.

Also improved is the Dolphin file manager for the Plasma X11 session so you will no longer see an already-open instance of Dolphin in a different workspace or activity becoming focused and switched to when using the “Open containing folder” functionality in various KDE apps. This change will also be implemented for the Plasma Wayland session in future releases.

The Skanpage scanning app has received some UI improvements as well to force the “rotate image” buttons to actually rotate the image in the expected directions, as well as to make the OCR language list view scrollable when needed.

Other than that, KDE Gear 23.04.1 improves the Filelight app to no longer fail to launch when your disk is full, adds support to the KItinerary library to handle the German language variant of Vueling boarding groups, improves Qt 6 support for NeoChat, and improves windowing on Wayland for KDE Minuet.

Apps like Elisa, Okular, Konsole, KNotes, KMail, KMahjongg, KDevelop, Kate, Kalendar, Gwenview, AudioTube, Tokodon, Yakuake, and KOrganizer also received various smaller fixes, so check out the full changelog for more details.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop, keep an eye on the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution for the KDE Gear 23.04.1 packages and update your installations as soon as they’re available.

Last updated 10 months ago

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