KDE Outs Plasma Mobile 23.01 to Improve Gesture Navigation, Lockscreen, and Apps

Also brings improvements to Alligator, QMLKonsole, Spacebar, Kasts, AudioTube, NeoChat, Tokodon, and other apps.
Plasma Mobile 23.01

The KDE Project released today Plasma Mobile 23.01 as the latest stable version of their Plasma desktop environment for mobile devices, bringing new features, updated components, and bug fixes.

Plasma Mobile 23.01 is here to improve gesture navigation when using the landscape mode on phones and tablets, improve the lockscreen to prevent a crash and correctly display the wallpaper, as well as to improve shell rotation.

Various Plasma Mobile apps have been updated as well, including Clock, which now has a tab bar-based sidebar to save a lot of horizontal space and a working “Add Minute” button for the timer, and the PlasmaTube YouTube client, which got improved video playback and seeking support, as well as a new design where you can watch videos while navigating other pages.

Also updated in Plasma Mobile 23.01 is the Alligator RSS client, which has a revamped UI that works better on widescreen, the QMLKonsole terminal emulator, which received support for command-line arguments when launching the app, and the Koko image viewer, which now has a new settings component and a new confirmation dialog when discarding image edits.

On top of that, the Spacebar SMS/MMS client saw multiple UI enhancements that include a new button to quickly scroll down to the most recent message and a new page to display all the members in a conversation and to also add new members, smoother message scrolling, consistent formatting of phone numbers, and much more.

The Kasts podcasts app also received numerous changes during the Plasma Mobile 23.01 development cycle. Some of these include redesigned header bar player controls and left sidebar menu in desktop mode, a new audio backend written from scratch to handle multiple backends (libVLC, GStreamer, and Qt Multimedia), support for chapter images, as well as clickable timestamps and header images.

Many other apps received improvements as well, including the AudioTube YouTube Music client, which now has a blurred sidebar that turns into a bottom bar, the KWeather weather app, which now features draggable locations in the location page, the NeoChat Matrix client, which now displays notifications for all your accounts and lets you search in the room history, as well as the Tokodon Mastodon client, which now supports custom emojis, searching, hashtags handling, conversation view, polls, and account editing.

Last but not least, the Kalk calculator app received a lot of bug fixes and UI enhancements to improve the function drawer, switching between the history and calculation pages, haptic feedback on the number pad, and more.

For more details, check out the release announcement page. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the package manager of your mobile distro for the Plasma Mobile 23.01 updates. The next Plasma Mobile release will ship with a new app called Arianna, which acts as an ebook reader targeting PINE64’s PineNote Linux-powered E-Ink tablet.

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