KDE Plasma 5.19.1 Desktop Arrives as First Point Release, 30 Bug Fixes Included

KDE Plasma 5.19 Beta

The KDE Project announced today the general availability of KDE Plasma 5.19.1 as the first point release to the latest KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment series.

KDE Plasma 5.19.1 is here just one week after the launch of the KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment series, which brought more polished features, consistency changes, and improved usability.

As expected from a first point release, KDE Plasma 5.19.1 includes only bug fixes. These address various important issues reported by users, such as the battery applet not being displayed in the system tray area or the Bluedevil applet tooltip displaying the wrong name for connected devices.

Moreover, OpenVPN support was improved in the Plasma NetworkManager (plasma-nm) applet to avoid enabling TCP if the remote has been set on another line, the former default action of the Plasma Vault applet has been restored, and KRunner KCM now opens in System Settings.

Among other noteworthy changes, hidden plasmoids are now vertically centered in the system tray popup applet, desktop actions should now work for recently used apps and for application search results, and a layout issue for Kicker menu was fixed in the top panel.

It appears that KDE Plasma 5.19.1 includes a total of 30 changes, which you can study in the full changelog. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the stable software repositories for the 5.19.1 packages if you’ve already upgraded your GNU/Linux distribution to the latest KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment.

The next planned point release is KDE Plasma 5.19.2 and it’s expected as soon as next week, on June 23rd, with more bug fixes. After that, three other point releases are planned for the KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment, Plasma 5.19.3 on July 7, Plasma 5.19.4 on July 28, and Plasma 5.19.5 on September 1st.

Image: KDE

Last updated 4 years ago

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