KDE Plasma 5.21.4 Improves Support for the Fortinet SSL VPN, Plasma System Monitor App

KDE Plasma 5.21.2

The KDE Project released today KDE Plasma 5.21.4 as the fourth maintenance update to their latest KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment series with more bug fixes and improvements.

KDE Plasma 5.21.4 is here about three weeks after the KDE Plasma 5.21.3 update with another layer of improvements for the new Plasma System Monitor app to prevent the content shown in the right sidebar from getting cut off, as well as to correctly assign a color to a sensor without applying it to every one.

Also improved in this new update for the KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment is the Plasma Vaults app, whose subtitle for items now wraps, as well as the Klipper clipboard monitor app, which now lets you paste saved text into GTK apps in the Plasma Wayland session.

Talking about the Plasma Wayland session, which has been enabled by default in the upcoming Fedora Linux 34 operating system, there’s now better support for single keyboard layout setups to correctly load your keyboard options and variants, such as alternative Caps Lock behaviors, etc.

The Task Manager has been improved as well, so that entries for apps that are capable of displaying a numbered badge in the corner no longer show a 0 badge. Same goes for the FortiSSLVPN plugin for the NetworkManager connection manager, which should now work as expected.

Among other noteworthy changes, the KDE Plasma 5.21.4 update improves the syncing of the font size in the SDDM login screen for systems that use a different font size for the display manager than the system-wide one, improves the position of the applets when applying a Global Theme to a new user when logging in the second time, and improves color scheme previews to show the correct colors in the inner view section.

There are a total of xx changes included in KDE Plasma 5.21.4, which can be viewed in the full changelog. The next and last point release, KDE Plasma 5.21.5, is scheduled for May 4th, 2021.

The new update, which is recommended for everyone using the latest KDE Plasma 5.21 desktop environment series, should soon appear in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, so make sure you keep your installations up-to-date at all times.

Last updated 3 years ago

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