KDE Plasma 5.24.2 LTS Released with More Fixes for Plasma Wayland and Overview Effect

KDE Plasma 5.24.2

The KDE Project released today KDE Plasma 5.24.2 as the second maintenance update to the latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS desktop environment series to address more issues and improve the overall stability and reliability.

KDE Plasma 5.24.2 is here just a week after KDE Plasma 5.24.1 and it appears to be a small update that further improves the new Overview effect for the Plasma X11 session so it won’t be triggered inappropriately from the lock screen when pressing the Meta key.

The KDE developers also continue to improve the Plasma Wayland session, and, in this second point release, they fixed an issue where the virtual keyboard failed to appear even if it was correctly configured.

Another interesting change in KDE Plasma 5.24.2 is the addition of an indicator line to the Show Desktop applet that appears when the desktop is being shown. In addition, the Minimize All applet’s indicator line has been updated to touch the panel’s edge no matter how its internal margins are set.

Other than that, this update improves the title/header text in menus to no longer get cut off when it’s longer than the text of any of the other menu items, improves the Emoji selector to use a more appropriate icon for the Symbols page, and improves the Hot New Stuff feature to only trust the expiration date if it’s less than 24 hours.

The Pager applet has been improved as well for the Plasma X11 session, the Task Manager now hides the unneeded scrollbar, and the Folder View now hides additional settings that aren’t relevant to the List view.

For Plasma Mobile, this update improves the darkens the landscape action drawer background, fixes the app drawer to be interactable in an empty space, and fixes the close action of the Task Panel. For more details on the changes included in KDE Plasma 5.24.2, check out the full changelog.

The KDE Plasma 5.24.2 packages will soon start to arrive in the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution, so make sure that you keep your installations up to date at all times. The next point release in the KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS series is planned for March 8th, 2022.

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