KDE Releases September 2020 Apps Update with New Color Contrast Checker Tool

September 2020 Apps Update

The KDE Project announced today KDE Applications 20.08.1, which is dubbed as the September 2020 Apps Update for the Plasma desktop environment.

Coming three weeks after the release of KDE Application 20.08 as the latest and most advanced version of the popular open-source and free software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and GNU/Linux distributions, KDE Applications 20.08.1 is now available as the first of three point releases.

This update introduces a total of 85 changes by my count across numerous of the included apps and core components. The star of this release being a new accessibility app called Kontrast, which lets you check the color contrast of your projects. The app shows color combinations that are accessible for people with color vision deficiencies.

Among some of the highlighted apps that received improvements, there’s the Plasma Browser Integration add-on, which now supports the Vivaldi and Brave web browsers. Version 1.7.8 of PBI also makes video controls work with iframes, improves detection of short “new message” notifications, and improves support for sites that don’t set the album cover art.

Also updated in KDE Applications 20.08.1 is the KPhotoAlbum application to version 5.7, a release that adds Dark Mode support, a new command-line tool named kpa-thumbnailtool to manage thumbnail caches, support for custom color schemes, as well as experimental options for tuning the image search.

Furthermore, the Gwenview image viewer received improvements around the “Sort By” button and support for matching the behavior and appearance of the Dolphin file manager, and the Kamoso camera app no longer displays blurry pixelated icons in the folder picker dialog when using fractional scaling.

Last but not least, the Tellico collection manager now features improved support for several cinema collections, including Allocine and Kinopoisk, as well as for Goodreads and the KDE Store.

KDE’s September 2020 Apps Update should soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions. It already landed in Arch Linux and it should soon be available for KDE neon and openSUSE Tumbleweed users, with other distros to follow them in the coming days.

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