KDE’s Apps Update for February 2021 Introduces Kongress, a New Conference Timetable App

KDE's Apps February 2021

The KDE Project announced today the general availability of the KDE Applications 20.12.2 open-source software suite as KDE’s Apps update for February 2021.

Just in time for this year’s FOSDEM free event for software developers, KDE’s Apps update for February 2021 introduces a brand-new app called Kongress, which acts as a conference companion to let you browse the timetable, maintain favorite talks, set notifications for favorite talks, and adjust times to your local timezone.

Conferences can be organized by day, by category, or in full. Kongress is designed to work on both desktop and mobile platforms, so if you have a PinePhone Linux phone with the Plasma Mobile UI, it can be installed there too if it’s more convenient to use.

The KDE Project will also be present at FOSDEM 2021, which takes place online due to the obvious reasons, and if you want to say hi to the developers that make the Plasma desktop and apps awesome every single day, you can visit their Matrix channel at #kde-stand:fosdem.org.

KDE’s Apps update for February 2021 also brings improvements to various other apps, such as the Dolphin file manager, which now correctly reports the number of files available on disks formatted with a non-standard Linux file system, such as NTFS, lets you decompress multiple archive files simultaneously via the context menu item.

Dolphin now also features a new keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+C) for accessing the “Copy file path” action rather than Ctrl+Shift+C, which is used for the “Copy” action in the embedded terminal panel, and makes the “Add Network Folder” action visible again in the toolbar for users using KDE Frameworks 5.78 or later.

The Spectacle screenshot utility has been updated as well with the ability to take rectangular region screenshots on triple-screen setups and support for changing the default screenshot file format when using a non-English language. Moreover, Spectable no longer runs in the background if you cancel taking a rectangular region screenshot using the Meta+Shift+PrintScreen shortcut.

Also improved in this release is the Elisa music player, which received a bunch of fixes to allow you to add radio streams again and make the “Show current track” button work again. In addition, Elisa should no longer crash when enqueuing a song accessed using the filesystem browser view or when moving to the next song.

Last but not least, KDE’s Apps update for February 2021 updates the Okular document viewer’s Open dialog to once again default to “All files” in its file type filter when it’s being used on other desktop environment than Plasma, and Konsole’s “Remember window size” feature can be turned off again.

Moreover, the Gwenview image viewer now works better on HiDPI screens when panning and zooming images, without displaying visual artifacts.

Several other crashes were fixed as well to improve apps like the Ark archive manager or Umbrello IDE. For more details, you can check out the full changelog, and, in the meantime, look for the KDE Applications 20.12.2 packages in your distro’s stable software repositories to update your installations and enjoy the improvements.

Image credits: KDE Project

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