KDE’s Apps Update for March 2021 Improves Spectacle, Gwenview, and More

KDE's Apps March 2021

The KDE Community released today the third and last point release to the latest KDE Applications 20.12 open-source software suite as KDE’s Apps update for March 2021.

KDE Applications 20.12.3 comes a month after KDE’s Apps update for February 2021 to fix even more bugs in several of the included apps and components, most of which are needed or ship by default with the latest KDE Plasma desktop environment series.

Among the improvements implemented in the KDE Applications 20.12.3 update, there’s the ability to set the compression quality in the Spectacle screenshot utility to 100%, support for a newer OpenGL drawing view to support hardware-accelerated transitions on Wayland and a working JPEG quality chooser in the Gwenview image viewer.

Also improved are the Plasma System Monitor apples, which now no longer display a broken config window, Plasma Discover, which now always returns the right number of apps when it’s asked to find handlers for a specific file format, as well as KRunner, which no longer shows an ugly, unprintable character in its search field when hitting the Escape, Backspace, or Delete keys with the history view opened.

Other noteworthy changes include a fix for sorting by duration in the Elisa music player, a fix for a bug that made JuK’s file renamer utility create extra track name folders, implementation of initial support for dosfstools 4.2, a fix for low quality connections in krdc, as well as the ability for the Okular document viewer to better display the status of the “Playing” button.

For more details about KDE’s Apps update for March 2021, check out the full changelog. If you’re using the KDE Plasma desktop environment or KDE apps on your GNU/Linux distribution, look for the KDE Applications versioned 20.12.3 in the stable software repositories in the coming days and update your installations as soon as possible.

Since this is the last point release in the KDE Applications 20.12 series, which was initially released in December 2020, the KDE Community is now gearing up to deliver the next major series, KDE Applications 21.04, due out on April 22nd, 2021.

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