KDE’s May 2020 Applications Update Makes Kid3 an Official KDE App

KDE's May 2020

KDE’s May 2020 Apps update is here as the first point release to their latest KDE Application 20.04 open-source software suite, which brings various improvements and bug fixes.

The KDE Applications 20.04.1 point release adds several changes to many of KDE’s official applications, but the biggest change is that the powerful Kid3 music tagging software is now an official KDE app too.

The latest Kid3 release brings additional keyboard shortcuts and user action scripts, usability improvements, as well as new language translations for the user interface and the handbook.

“This month it has moved to be hosted by KDE and has made its first release as a KDE app,” said the KDE Project about the Kid3 application, which can be used to edit ID3 tags and similar formats on MP3 and other supported audio files.

This release also brings improvements to the Tellico collection manager, such as a new data source for the Colnect comprehensive collectibles catalog and updated data sources for Amazon and MobyGames.

KDE’s May 2020 Apps update also enhances the import and export capabilities of the Kontact email, calendar and contacts app to include more data and improves the KMail email app to better handle multiple recipients handles and correctly handle existing maildir folders when adding a new maildir profile.

Also updated is the powerful Kdenlive video editor, which now better creates DVD chapters, better handles timecode and missing clips, and differentiate between video clips and previews in the timeline by drawing a “photo” frame.

Last but not least, KWallet now stores passwords only if the user asked for it, Okular’s scrolling behavior has been improved to be more usable when using free-spinning mouse wheels, and Umbrello improves adding of multiline C++ comment support.

The full changelog is available here for those curious to know what else is fixed or changed in their favorite KDE apps. You should be able to update your installations to the KDE Applications 20.04.1 release from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution in the coming days.

The KDE Applications 20.04 software suite will receive two more point releases, namely KDE Applications 20.04.2 and KDE Applications 20.04.3, which will be released on June 11th and July 9th respectively.

Image: KDE

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